14 thousand tourists land in Puerto Vallarta daily

14 thousand tourists land in Puerto Vallarta daily

According to Cryshtian José Amador Lizardi, head of the airport terminal, Puerto Vallarta in North America sees up to 14,000 travellers each day during the present summer vacation season.

With the advent of more domestic flights, this destination is becoming more and more consolidated, which aids in Puerto Vallarta International Airport’s rehabilitation.

Amador Lizardi stresses the fact that the increase in passengers during the first semester of the year was 17%.

“That comparative number with the same period in 2022 speaks of the growth, expansion, and consolidation of the destination in its domestic routes, as this airport now connects with 14 domestic markets, two of them as part of Volaris’ expansion, which is a great offer this summer,” he continued.

This is one of the contributions made by all participants in the value chain to the tourism industry, and more specifically to this tourist area. They may even surpass the number of passengers carried overall in the previous year.

He emphasized that, for the time being, domestic and international passenger traffic increased by about 17% following the first semester.

Source: Jalisco.quadratin.com.mx