Aeromexico will have 7 weekly flights AIFA-Puerto Vallarta

Aeromexico will have 7 weekly flights AIFA-Puerto Vallarta

Starting in October, Aeroméxico plans to operate seven weekly flights between Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) and Puerto Vallarta International Airport. The airline has announced new routes and frequencies from AIFA starting next month, representing a 40% increase in its operation, totaling 1,008 monthly flights including departures and arrivals.

In addition to these new routes, Aeroméxico will offer a capacity of 120,000 seats per month, not only through newly established routes but also by transferring some operations that previously took place at Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Starting on October 5th, the airline will launch the following routes from AIFA: Mexico City to Colima with seven weekly flights. The Mexico City to Durango route will be split between the two airports, as out of the 28 flights that used to operate from AICM, 14 will be relocated to this new location.

Furthermore, from AIFA, Aeroméxico will offer routes to Acapulco with 7 weekly flights, Aguascalientes with 7 weekly flights, Cancún with 21 weekly flights, Colima with 7 weekly flights, Durango with 14 weekly flights, Guadalajara with 14 weekly flights, Houston with 7 weekly flights, León with 7 weekly flights, Monterrey with 14 weekly flights, Mérida with 7 weekly flights, Oaxaca with 7 weekly flights, Puerto Vallarta with 7 weekly flights, and Veracruz with 7 weekly flights, as reported by the airline.

Due to the reduction of operations to just 43 per hour at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) starting in January 2024, both Aeroméxico and Volaris, as well as Viva Aerobus, will be required to reduce approximately 60 landing slots.