Almost 426 thousand cruise passengers arrive in Puerto Vallarta in 9 months

Almost 426 thousand cruise passengers arrive in Puerto Vallarta in 9 months

During the initial nine months of this year, nearly 426,000 travelers disembarked in Puerto Vallarta via 129 international cruise voyages, as indicated by data released by the National Port System Administration (Asipona) for the city.

In contrast to the same timeframe the previous year, over 255,000 cruise-goers had reached the Puerto Vallarta maritime terminal on 109 vessels, illustrating substantial growth.

It’s essential to highlight that for October, Vallarta was expecting 15 cruise arrivals according to the Asipona’s schedule for the city. Nonetheless, some of these have been canceled due to events such as hurricanes, like “Lidia,” which prompted the Navy Secretary to close the port to navigation on specific days.

While the peak season for this industry is already underway in Puerto Vallarta, there have been adjustments made to the arrival schedule.

Meanwhile, for those who do arrive, all requisite procedures are conducted, in the presence of port community authorities, who scrutinize the documentation of the cruise and its passengers to ensure the safety of the vessel, the maritime-port community, and the residents.

Asipona anticipates the arrival of 18 cruises in November, in contrast to the 26 in the previous year. Regarding passengers, their estimation for this year is approximately 32,000, a decline from the nearly 50,000 received the previous year.