American to expand flights to Puerto Vallarta from Texas next winter

American to expand flights to Puerto Vallarta from Texas next winter

American Airlines announced its new plans for the coming months. It will extend the number of flights to Puerto Vallarta, from Texas starting in the winter of 2019. This will have as an impact a greater tourist influx to the city and an increase in revenue for the tourism industry.

This great news was made possible thanks to the airline’s commitment to travel to Mexico. In addition, it also revived its flight plan to La Paz. This will cover more destinations and offer more competitive fares to the traveler. The decision to expand its route to Puerto Vallarta is understood as a reflection of the interest there is on the part of U.S. tourists to explore and get to know the charms of Mexico.

American Airlines will increase its offer from three different cities in Texas. It will operate six weekly flights from Houston, four from Dallas-Fort Worth and six from Austin. This will increase supply by 24%, bringing more visitors to the region.

Tom Naumann, Vice president of Network Planning at American Airlines, explained that Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite destinations for travelers, especially from Texas, and this new investment will allow this Mexican region to become much more accessible.

In addition to West Jet and Aeromexico, American Airlines is the third airline in the department. This important arrival strengthens the government’s strategy to attract more tourists to Mexico. In addition, the flights are also expected to bring productive benefits to the nation. One of the main expectations for the project is to attract new investment projects, which will generate more employment in the region.

The potentialization of this project means a great step forward for the transportation industry in our cities. This initiative will meet the needs of those who prefer to travel by land, but also those who choose to travel by air. At the same time, competitive prices will allow thousands of people to have access to this mode of transportation, which will bring them closer to places of their interest.

In short, the presence of American Airlines in Puerto Vallarta will soon be a reality. This decision will contribute to the country’s economy and will change the way tourists will be able to enjoy an incredible vacation. It will also give the area greater recognition as one of Mexico’s most important tourist destinations. This investment adds to the number of opportunities the government has been exploring for solid development.