Amerigo Vespucci to Dock in Puerto Vallarta

Amerigo Vespucci to Dock in Puerto Vallarta

The Amerigo Vespucci, a renowned training ship of the Italian Navy often hailed as the “most beautiful ship in the world,” is set to grace Puerto Vallarta’s shores in June!

The 101-meter long, 4,000-ton vessel will be making a port call in Puerto Vallarta from June 18th to 23rd. There will be public tours offered on Friday and Saturday, June 21 and 22.

The Amerigo Vespucci is a beautiful ship with a long and interesting history. It was launched in 1931 and has been used as a training ship for the Italian Navy ever since. The ship is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer who gave the Americas its name. The Amerigo Vespucci has sailed all over the world, and it has been a guest of honor at many international maritime events.

If you are in Puerto Vallarta from June 18 to 23, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to see the Amerigo Vespucci. It is a truly unique ship, and it is sure to be a highlight of your trip!

Source: Tribuna de la Bahia