Chefs that put Vallarta’s gastronomy on a high level

Chefs that put Vallarta’s gastronomy on a high level

The premier culinary destination is Puerto Vallarta, where several well-known chefs have elevated Mexican cuisine and local flavours.

Puerto Vallarta is the world’s preeminent culinary destination where flavours from all over the world converge. It boasts an exceptional culinary art where the chefs of the region are the stars, never stopping to excel on a national and international scale and winning over diners with their delectable creations.
So, here are some well-known chefs who have elevated Mexican cuisine with Valencian flavours while ensuring that each dish has its own unique flavour and savour.

Sánchez Carrillo
Salvador Carrillo, a native of Puerto Vallarta who has more than 20 years of experience in the creation of authentic dishes, has established himself as one of the destination’s favourite chefs. He has received numerous awards, including the Joven Chef of Oro in Puerto Vallarta and the Cocinero del Ao in Guadalajara.

Currently, the chef Vallartense is working on two projects: La Tienda Grande, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most cutting-edge restaurants serving inventive mexican cuisine using refined techniques, and Nido, a restaurant with Mediterranean influences and a Latin American flair. Brocheta de pepena, raspada mitotera, and atn madrileo are a few of the dishes you can sample.

Luis Borja
Having visited some of the city’s most prestigious eateries, he has primarily been influenced by French cuisine.Originating from Guadalajara, Jalisco, the chef is currently regarded as one of the best in Puerto Vallarta. He is constantly looking for the right combination of regional flavours.

One of its two restaurants, Cha cocina libre, is famous for serving breakfast and brunch in a contemporary Mexican style, so you really must try their vegan chilaquiles, tres leches pancakes, and dorado tacos, among many other dishes. The restaurant Homn, on the other hand, specializes on high-end Mexican meals with a constantly changing menu, providing a singular culinary experience.

Mauricio Leal
His passion for cooking began in the kitchens of the Café des Artistes, then he entered the prestigious Gregoire Ferrandi school in Paris, France, and after graduating he stayed at one of the most traditional restaurants of French cuisine, La Closerie de Lillas, where he learned the basics of a classic cuisine.
Leal is a co-founder of IC, which was named the best new restaurant in Mexico in 2019 and offers traditional contemporary Mexican dishes made with ingredients from the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Pacific Ocean. His menu features a variety of creations including the totoaba and marlin tamal.

Hugo Chávez, a proud Vallejo native, discovered his love of cooking at the age of 15 and later studied food and beverage science at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. He then moved to Italy to further his culinary training. In addition to hosting the television program Cocina Práctica on Televisa Guadalajara, at La Perla tapatia served as executive chef at renowned restaurants including Dolce Vita and La Plata.

Currently, he serves as the corporate chef of the prestigious Brazilian television network Mr. Pampas Do Brasil. He also serves as the executive chef of his project, Azul Botanas Del Mar by Hugo Chavez, which combines the best of Mediterranean cuisine with Italian trends while putting a focus on traditional seafood cooking.

Cortés, Leopoldo
With more than 20 years of cooking experience, he has elevated Mexican and Vallartean cuisine to a global level, passing through Costa Rica, France, Germany, and Spain. Among many other accomplishments, he has been honoured for taking first place in the National Parade of Chefs Competition in Mexico City in 1998 and the National Toque of Gold Competition in Mexico City in 2000.

Has its own restaurant, D’ Cortés, which features world-class flavours and cooking techniques inspired by seafood. An authentic culinary experience may be had by sampling dishes like Peruvian ceviche, cola de langosta, and salmón al grill in a gastronomic setting.
With more than a thousand dining options and 30 onsite gourmet restaurants, Puerto Vallarta has solidified its reputation as a gourmet city by bringing regional specialties to Jalisco’s cuisine.
Using data from the Public Information Committee for the Promotion and Publicity of Tourism in Puerto Vallarta.