During the Christmas season, Puerto Vallarta virtually reached its full hotel capacity

During the Christmas season, Puerto Vallarta virtually reached its full hotel capacity

In the period leading up to Christmas, hotel occupancy hovered around 100%, with 85% of reservations confirmed by midweek and the remainder occupied by those who decided to venture without prior booking.

A similar situation is projected for the end of the year, so it is advised to secure accommodation before traveling to ensure a place to rest. This success is attributed to the significant support of the municipal president, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, to the Tourism Directorate, who has urged providing assistance to activities in the port throughout the year, solidifying Puerto Vallarta as the country’s number one tourist destination.

Following the second year since the lifting of restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, the Christmas weekend was exceptional, with 85% to 90% hotel occupancy, and some establishments reaching 100% capacity. For the arrival of 2024, a total occupancy is anticipated for all festivities, with a different focus on tourism characterized by the pursuit of fun among friends.

Hoteliers reported that Christmas tourism was marked by the presence of more families, while for December 31st, the arrival of tourists seeking to celebrate with friends is expected, with various activities, including fireworks displays as an additional attraction.

The significant presence of tourists from Canada and the United States was highlighted, as these are the main foreign destinations contributing visitors to Puerto Vallarta. Additionally, information was provided about the reactivation of film and telenovela projects in the area, generating an additional boost for tourism and other economic sectors during these year-end festivities.

Source: Eloccidental.com.mx