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Puerto Vallarta & Bahia de Banderas, Mexico

A Swedish-Canadian having lived, studied and/or worked in Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Poland, Germany, Spain, USA, and Mexico, I am a multilingual world citizen fluent in several languages; Swedish, English, and Spanish. I am a hardworking, strategic leader with 25 years of progressive experience impacting the corporate bottom line and performance through expert alignment. Throughout my university studies, I attended several international business relations exchange programs with Mexico including CEPE in Puebla, la Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, as well as la Universidad de Guadalajara. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario, Canada with a BA in International Business Relations, and then completed the Master Degree in International Business Administration (MBA) at the European University in Barcelona, Spain (second highest grade in the class).

Como Director Global de Recursos Humanos y miembro de la Junta Directiva de una corporación manufacturera líder mundial con sede en Canadá durante 8 años, maximicé el desempeño de más de 500 empleados en múltiples ubicaciones geográficas globales. Como experimentado cazatalentos y reclutador de ejecutivos, soy competente en la creación de fuerzas laborales multinacionales talentosas, brindando a los miembros capacitación estructurada, apoyo, orientación de recursos y motivación para superar los objetivos organizacionales. La capacitación y las certificaciones incluyen: Comité Conjunto Certificado de Salud y Seguridad (Presidente), Auditor Interno Certificado (ISO), Presidente del Comité Conjunto de Salud y Seguridad y Certificado en Primeros Auxilios, Servicio al Cliente Excepcional, Fred Pryor y Consejo Canadiense para las Américas, Departamento. de Relaciones Exteriores y Comercio Internacional así como varias certificaciones en bienes raíces.

Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the last 15 years, I am currently a Luxury Specialist Broker Realtor at my brokerage Sixten Realty. I have two office, one in Jalisco and one in Riviera Nayarit. Im in the top 10 in sales of the largest Market Center in Mexico. As a former head hunter and recruiter, my passion has always been matchmaking, but now my focus is on dream homes for clients in Mexico. My international background helps me greatly with buyer clients and the listings I market both nationally and internationally. Being multinational and multilingual ensures excellent communication skills with all parties. I love to learn and am always looking for courses to stay up-to-date on the market and enjoy my continuous professional development. This allows me to stay at the forefront of real estate and serve my clients more effectively. My connections include a vast network of national and international agents, potential buyers and sellers, and an excellent team of architects, builders, interior designers, appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage loan officers. My network can attest that I have a great attitude and value teamwork, honesty, and integrity. Although I specialize in the luxury market, I understand the local housing market and have a pricing strategy for each scenario, providing real estate services to all market segments.

Those who know me know that I have a true passion for architecture and design and have a natural ability to see the vision and the potential in properties. Creativity, innovation, and intelligent decision-making make for good business. With my problem-solver mindset, I love to come up with creative solutions. I know how to properly showcase a house to make it more marketable and develop creative MLS listings to attract suitable clients. My professional sales team are all AMPI members as well as my administrator. The team expedites the buying and selling process, ensuring transactions are seamless. My team abides by the strictest Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Professionalism, organization, efficiency, and attention to detail are what you will receive.

My professional reputation is of utmost importance. I have a great work ethic, drive and tenacity. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting you!

Kind Regards/Saludos,

Sophia Mannerheim, MBA
Certified International REALTOR®️ (NAR)
Sixten Realty
Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
AMPI Associate
Owner Broker Certified in Tourist Zones (CONOCER EC0277)
Certified Negotiation Expert CNE®️
Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE)

O. +52 (322) 223-1986
C. +52 (322) 140-4349

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Saul Agredano

Hello just to share the great experience I had with Marina as a first time buyer in Nuevo Vallarta for my commercial property, Marina’s expertise in this real estate market was evident from our first meeting, her effective communication was pivotal in foresting a transparent and trusting relationship and purchase transaction; I was impressed by Marina’s negotiation skills, she managed to lower the asking price and to speed up the process, besides the purchase process, Marina went above and beyond assisting me after taking position connecting me with trustful service providers, to assist in construction upgrades, renting part of the property etc; I would’t hesitate to recommend Marina, her dedication to my satisfaction was evident every step of the way, Thank you Marina I really appreciate your knowledgeable, ethical and proffesional services, looking forward to do business soon in the future, Saul Agredano.

Saul Agredano
Marina de los Santos

Juan Mario G

I value your sense of belonging, your acts of responsability towards the community, your ability to be a friend, a leader and a entrepeneur. I love being your friend.

Juan Mario G


Sofía, te felicito por venderlo tan rápido. Debe ser un récord mundial dentro de la comunidad inmobiliaria. Esperemos que este impulso despierte el interés en otros lotes también.


Altamente Profesional

Altamente profesional, competente y confiable.

Pascal Ilboudo

Recomiendo mucho Sixten Realty

Recomiendo ampliamente la agencia inmobiliaria Sixten Realty, Sofía es muy profesional, y lo mejor es que ella encontrará la mejor opción para ti y tu familia. EXCELENTE SERVICIO

Mariana Ordoñez

Sophia es genial

Sofía es genial. gran empresario también. ella trabajará de cerca con los clientes para identificar la oportunidad adecuada que mejor se adapte.
Harold Hoekstra

Excelente servicio

Excelente servicio, muy profesional, recomiendo mucho a Sixten Realty
Paola Mariana Mora

Tuvimos una experiencia maravillosa

Recomiendo encarecidamente Sixten Realty, Sophia estuvo allí para todo lo que necesitábamos saber. ¡Tuvimos una experiencia maravillosa con ella!

Calidad y Profesionalismo

Honestidad, Confianza, Calidad y Profesionalismo
Pascal Ilboudo

Estás en buenas manos.

Recomiendo mucho a Sixten Realty por su integridad y profesionalismo incomparables. Está en buenas manos con el experto local Sixten Realty.
Tonya Dorsey

Excelente profesionalismo

Excelente profesionalismo muy recomendable

Jorge Montalvo Flores

Excelente servicio al cliente

Con experiencia en negocios internacionales y recursos humanos, Sophia exhibe sólidas habilidades interpersonales, confidencialidad, objetividad y pasión por lograr un excelente servicio al cliente. Ella utiliza este conjunto de habilidades magistrales para superar las expectativas de sus clientes al llenar sus vacantes de empleo con candidatos altamente motivados y precalificados como supervisora.

Erin Staley