Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta

EVA combines cutting-edge design that celebrates beauty, quality and nature. Inspired by the mythical Garden of Eden, EVA has been envisioned as a self-contained community with ground-floor retail shops and restaurants, an exclusive rooftop bar, pool, lounge, and state-of-the-art gym.

Biophilic Design

With a biophilic design, EVA offers serenity, intimacy, captivating design and a reconnection with nature. Natural materials, greenery, and inviting common spaces create a desirable living experience that complements this incredible investment opportunity.

The iconic new development of Puerto Vallarta

These vibrant residences are meticulously conceived to surprise and seduce at every turn. Its lush gardens, intimate common areas, polished yet welcoming design, incredible location, and concierge service set it apart from its peers.


  • Modern and boho-chic aesthetic
  • Low Maintenance Comprehensive Landscape Design
  • Professional lighting design
  • Innovative and biophilic design
  • Lush tropical landscape
  • 40 spacious and uniquely designed condominiums with enclosure
  • Vibrant retail environment on the ground floor
  • Areas exposed to the sun
  • Controlled access with closed security circuit
  • Underground parking
  • Large infinity pool
  • 4 Jacuzzis and outdoor showers
  • BAR area and fireplace with views of the city and the mountains
  • Air-conditioned gym
  • Sunbathing areas
  • Two high-tech elevators

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EVA is ideally located to allow easy access from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and is adjacent to the vibrant community of the Romantic Zone. The architecturally designed building offers an unprecedented investment opportunity within this up-and-coming neighborhood, selected due to its proximity to the best beaches and culture Vallarta has to offer.

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