Fiestas de Mayo Puerto Vallarta Festival 2024

Fiestas de Mayo Puerto Vallarta Festival 2024

The Festival Fiestas de Mayo, a cherished tradition in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has been bringing joy to the region for over 50 years. Dating back to the 1960s, it’s a lively celebration of the city’s independence and rich cultural heritage.

In 2024, the Fiestas de Mayo will light up Puerto Vallarta from May 16th to June 2nd. Set at the Explanada Vallarta Arena near the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center, this colorful festival promises an unforgettable experience. You’ll enjoy vibrant live music, delicious traditional Mexican food and drinks, thrilling carnival rides, and captivating cultural showcases that reveal the region’s deep-rooted heritage.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this festival is a joyful celebration of Puerto Vallarta’s spirit, history, and community. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment and culture, and see why the Fiestas de Mayo has become such a special tradition!

Key Events

May 17: Mi Banda el Mexicano
May 18: Todo Terreno
May 19: Labyrinth Recruit Group
May 20: Clown Show
May 21: Muay Thai Night
May 22: Local Bands
May 23: Prófugos del Anexo
May 24: Tribute Marco Antonio Solis
May 25: Roblox Live Show
May 26: Banda Móvil
May 27: Enanitos Toreros
May 28: Carin León
May 29: Pepe Morfin
May 30: Elio Vega
May 31: Surprise Artist
June 1: Banda Brava
June 2: Rey de reyes

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