First edition of the festival “Al Calor del Mariachi” in Puerto Vallarta

First edition of the festival “Al Calor del Mariachi” in Puerto Vallarta

The Festival al Calor del Mariachi is an encounter of great cultural importance in the city of Puerto Vallarta. The first edition of this festival has just been announced by the Puerto Vallarta City Hall, the State Undersecretary of Culture and the Performing and Audiovisual Arts Directory. The festival will begin on October 10th and will extend until November 15th with a total of 5 weeks of musical programming. The objective of the festival is to promote Mexican music and especially traditional mariachi music, which has become a symbol of identity for the country.

The first edition of this festival will present a wide variety of musical genres, such as mariachi, ranchera, bolero, banda and electronic music. The program will include a large number of concerts both inside and outside the historic center of Puerto Vallarta. Some 300 national and international artists are expected to participate in this first edition, presenting their best works.

The Undersecretary of Culture of the State is in charge of the promotion of this event at a local level, so that it may reach as many people as possible. During the press conference announcing the festival, the Undersecretary emphasized its importance to Puerto Ricans, and highlighted its ability to help create the country’s cultural identity.

In addition to the concerts, the festival includes a lineup of traditional foods and craft beer. There will also be the possibility of attending workshops on local handicrafts and learning the musical technique of mariachi. The Puerto Vallarta City Hall has created a scholarship program to help local artists who wish to attend the festival.

The Festival al Calor del Mariachi will be a space for the celebration of Mexican culture, with the objective of strengthening local identity and allowing its citizens to feel proud of their land. The musical line-up of diverse artists, along with the fun and friendly atmosphere that the festival is expected to create, will make this a unique experience for all attendees. It will be an excellent opportunity to get to know the rich Mexican culture, feel the joyful music of the mariachi and enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere.