High season in Puerto Vallarta could start as early as October.

High season in Puerto Vallarta could start as early as October.

The hotel industry in Puerto Vallarta anticipates a strong year-end season and has already begun preparations for it.

According to Álvaro García-arce Monraz, the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels in the city, despite facing a “challenging” summer vacation period, they are optimistic about a prosperous year-end.

“We encountered challenges during the summer, not meeting our initial expectations. September has been traditionally difficult for us, but the encouraging news is that we’ve witnessed a significant uptick in reservations, and we are anticipating a successful year-end for our destination,” he stated.

Additionally, Garci-arce Monraz mentioned that the high season might kick off as early as October, thanks to existing reservations.

“It appears quite promising, and we’ve even received reports of prominent Canadian and American producers starting their season earlier, in October. So, I’m confident it will be a favorable year, especially for foreign tourism in Puerto Vallarta,” he added.

Since the conclusion of 2022, Puerto Vallarta has consistently ranked among the leading beach tourism destinations, both nationally and internationally. This trend has continued throughout the year, with the current occupancy rate hovering around 65 percent. However, the annual average has remained above 80 percent, with occasional periods of full occupancy.

Source: Quadratin.com.mx