Hotel occupancy in Puerto Vallarta exceeds 90%.

Hotel occupancy in Puerto Vallarta exceeds 90%.

According to Christian Salvador Preciado Cázares, head of tourism and economic development, Puerto Vallarta has average occupancy rates of over 90%, which rise on the weekends when more largely domestic travellers arrive.

The municipal official made reference to Puerto Vallarta as one of the top summer vacation spots, and hoteliers have reported exceptionally high occupancy rates. Up to 20 buses carrying tourists from various places around the nation have even arrived in a single day.

He claimed that domestic travel dominated, particularly among young people and families who had just returned from vacation, and that the city had hosted multiple conferences.

On the other hand, he added that because of the hurricane damage, they are now cleaning the boardwalk and will start its rehabilitation soon. In addition, the Municipal Tourism Department’s information centres are still accessible to give travellers guidance and legal support.

Finally, he extended an invitation to residents of Vallarta as well as visitors to take part in the forthcoming festivities that will be held in the city for their delight.