Majahuitas Music Festival

Majahuitas Music Festival

The Majahuitas Music Festival is an event that marks the calendar for this summer and will culminate on September 30, 2023. During this summer season, fans of national electronic music will have the opportunity to enjoy performances by the most prominent DJs in a unique and spectacular setting.

This festival takes place at one of the most renowned beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta, located on the beautiful beaches of Majahuitas, south of the bay. What sets it apart is its remote location and exclusive accessibility by sea, providing attendees with a unique experience from the moment they embark on this adventure.

Music is the heart of the festival, and the exclusive rhythms and melodies of national electronic music are the soul of each performance. The combination of music with a state-of-the-art laser light show set amidst the lush tropical jungle creates a unique and captivating sensory experience that we guarantee will be an unforgettable night. It’s an experience that transcends conventional boundaries and becomes a memory you will cherish all year long.

The natural beauty of Majahuitas, with its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, provides the perfect backdrop for this festival. South of the bay of Puerto Vallarta, these beaches offer an idyllic environment where attendees can immerse themselves in both music and nature simultaneously. The blend of electronic music with natural beauty creates a magical atmosphere that will transport you to another world.

The festival attracts visitors from across the country and abroad who want to experience the excitement of electronic music in such a special setting. Electronic music is a genre with the ability to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds, and the Majahuitas Music Festival becomes a meeting point for music lovers from around the world.