Marina de

los Santos

My Exclusive Listings

171 Felipe Ángeles, Las Juntas, Puerto Vallarta, JAL.

FLEX MLS #31605

3 Ave. Jade 163, Jade Residencial, Puerto Vallarta, JAL.

FLEX MLS #31886

Your investment is my passion

I am from Cuernavaca, Mexico

I hold a Bachelor of Journalism degree from an accredited university.  

Twenty years of my professional life have been spent in the field of media.  I am always up to date on everything that’s happening in the world.

The relocation of my family and I to Puerto Vallarta was without a doubt the best option that we could have made for ourselves.  The proximity of the sea and the mountains, as well as the temperature and the friendliness of the people who live in this region, which is special and unique, contribute to the exceptional quality of life that can only be found here.

As a result of the fact that my father is an Architect, I have always had a connection to the real estate industry.  I have a strong interest in real estate and have been making personal investments for several years.  It gives me great joy to be able to assist others in accomplishing the same goals as I have.  I have a good eye and a good sense for locating locations that have additional worth.  I take pride in my work and make it a priority to further my education.  I assist clients in locating the residences that are most suitable to their individual lifestyles.  I make certain that this important decision is met with nothing but wonderful experiences from all involved parties.  I have an unshakable faith in the importance of principles, ethics, and working together.  My team at Sixten KW consists of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced advisors in the business.


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Saul Agredano

Hello just to share the great experience I had with Marina as a first time buyer in Nuevo Vallarta for my commercial property, Marina’s expertise in this real estate market was evident from our first meeting, her effective communication was pivotal in foresting a transparent and trusting relationship and purchase transaction; I was impressed by Marina’s negotiation skills, she managed to lower the asking price and to speed up the process, besides the purchase process, Marina went above and beyond assisting me after taking position connecting me with trustful service providers, to assist in construction upgrades, renting part of the property etc; I would’t hesitate to recommend Marina, her dedication to my satisfaction was evident every step of the way, Thank you Marina I really appreciate your knowledgeable, ethical and proffesional services, looking forward to do business soon in the future, Saul Agredano.

Saul Agredano
Marina de los Santos

Juan Mario G

I value your sense of belonging, your acts of responsability towards the community, your ability to be a friend, a leader and a entrepeneur. I love being your friend.

Juan Mario G


Sophia congratulations to you for getting it sold so quickly . It must be a world record within the real estate community. Hopefully this kick starts the interest in other lots as well.


Highly Professional

Highly profesional, competent and trustworthy

Pascal Ilboudo

I highly recommend Sixten Realty

I highly recommend the Sixten Realty real estate agency, Sofia is very professional, and the best thing is that she will find the best option for you and your family. EXCELLENT SERVICE

Mariana Ordoñez

Sophia is great

Sophia is great. great enterpreneur as well. she will work with clients closely to identify the right opportunity that best matches.
Harold Hoekstra

Excellent service

Excellent service, very professional, I highly recommend Sixten Realty
Paola Mariana Mora

We had a wonderful experience

Highly recommend Sixten Realty, Sophia was there for all we needed to know. We had a wonderful experience with her!

Quality and Professionalism

Honesty, Trust, Quality and Professionalism
Pascal Ilboudo

You are in great hands

I highly recommend Sixten Realty for integrity and professionalism beyond compare. You are in great hands with local expert Sixten Realty.
Tonya Dorsey

Excellent professionalism

Excellent professionalism highly recommended

Jorge Montalvo Flores

Outstanding customer service

With a background in international business and human resources, Sophia exhibits strong interpersonal skills, confidentiality, objectivity, and a passion for achieving outstanding customer service. She uses this masterful skill set to exceed her clients’ expectations by filling their employment vacancies with highly como supervisor a Sophia motivated and pre-qualified candidates.

Erin Staley