The Romantic Zone’s Trending Residence

Celebrate vibrant traditions, sublime design, and natural materials.

In the heart of Vallarta’s Romantic Zone

Located in the heart of Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, Ofrenda combines the very best Vallarta living has to offer. The desirable location is moments from the Los Muertos beach, Basilio Badillo and El Centro’s numerous galleries, restaurants and nightlife, and the River Cuale cultural area.

Aesthetic results

Ofrenda, offering in Spanish, pays tribute to Mexico’s rich architectural heritage by employing local materials and traditional design to create a unique living experience. Architect Mauricio Rocha’s design aesthetic results in a building that is at once singular and iconic, one that’s been crafted with passion.

Vibrant community

Its ambitious façade, grand open spaces, gallery and commercial area bring added life and sophistication to an already vibrant community.


Ofrenda was conceived with convenience and modern-beach living in mind. Its amenities include a spectacular roof-top terrace with a 26-meter infinity-edge pool, bar, and a fully equipped gym with incredible views of the mountains, river island, and the local community.





Celebrating the Mexican Aesthetic

Ofrenda employs organic design while exploiting natural colors and materials to create a unique living experience. Raw finishes, polished concrete, and natural Wood add romance to the Vallarta lifestyle.


An intimate, cosmopolitan beachside enclave

Ofrenda is in the thriving Romantic Zone, which boasts a dazzling restaurant, nightlife, and art scene. The area’s historic colonial architecture lives comfortably with new low-rise developments. It is buffeted by mountains, the river, and the ocean to make it one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the city.

The Romantic Zone has long established itself as THE PLACE to live and invest in Puerto Vallarta. With easy access to the airport, beaches, best restaurants, and nightlife, there is no better address in Vallarta.

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