Puerto Vallarta 2024 Regatta

Puerto Vallarta 2024 Regatta

The 37th installment of the Puerto Vallarta Race, an esteemed sailing event, is set to unfold from February 22nd to March 1st in the scenic setting of Puerto Vallarta.

Spearheaded by the San Diego Yacht Club (SDYC), this biennial regatta has evolved into a venerable tradition along the Pacific’s western coastline. With roots tracing back to 1953, this race has burgeoned into a premier spectacle, magnetizing elite mariners who navigate a daunting course spanning one thousand nautical miles from San Diego, California, to the sun-drenched shores of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Presently, 26 maritime vessels have affirmed their involvement in the 37th Puerto Vallarta Race, foreshadowing a riveting contest that beckons seasoned sailors aboard awe-inspiring crafts.

The festivities commence with a vibrant Mexican Farewell Gala hosted at the San Diego Yacht Club on February 22nd, igniting the fervor for the forthcoming maritime odyssey. Subsequent to the offshore showdown, a grandiose awards ceremony is slated to unfold at the Velas Vallarta hotel, epitomizing the geniality and conviviality intrinsic to Puerto Vallarta, renowned affectionately as the “World’s Friendliest City.”

For additional details, please refer to the Puerto Vallarta Race’s official website.

Source: Visitapuertovallarta.com.mx