Puerto Vallarta, among the top 3 destinations for Canadian tourists in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, among the top 3 destinations for Canadian tourists in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta ranks as one of the top three destinations for Canadian travelers in Mexico, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior’s Unit of Migration Policy, Registration, and Identity (Segob).

The study reveals a significant rebound in the spending of Canadian tourists arriving by air, with a total of $1.883 billion recorded between January and August 2023. This represents a robust 61.6% increase compared to the same period in 2022 and a notable 14.6% surge compared to the same timeframe in 2019.

Throughout the first eight months of 2023, the trend of recovery from 2022 persists, marked by the recording of 10,000 flights and 1.536 million passengers. This signifies a 56.2% rise in the number of flights and a substantial 76.1% increase in passenger numbers compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

The consistent upward trend of Canadian tourists traveling to Mexico by air commenced in 2022, with the registration of 1.759 million visitors, representing a remarkable 249.4% increase compared to the prior year. In terms of economic impact, an impressive $1.945 billion was generated, signifying a significant 248.3% increase compared to 2021, along with 10,550 flights, which reflects a substantial 257.3% increase compared to 2021.

During the initial eight months of 2023, the primary airports receiving Canadian tourists were Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City.

Between 2018 and 2023, Mexico established air connectivity with nine Canadian provinces, with Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec emerging as the prominent sources of passenger arrivals. These provinces contributed a total of 9.072 million passengers, constituting 94.9% of the entire Canadian market.

From January to August 2023, the most frequented routes from Canada included Toronto to Cancun, Montreal to Cancun, Toronto to Mexico City, Vancouver to Mexico City, Montreal to Mexico City, Calgary to Cancun, Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta, Calgary to Puerto Vallarta, Vancouver to Cancun, and Vancouver to San Jose del Cabo. These routes accounted for 1.037 million passengers, representing 67.5% of the total.

According to projections, by the close of 2023, the arrival of Canadian tourists by air is expected to reach 2.338 million, marking a substantial 32.9% growth compared to 2022 and a gradual recovery of 1.2% compared to 2019. Additionally, their expenditures are anticipated to reach $2.701 billion, reflecting a robust 38.6% increase compared to 2022 and a notable 15.5% surge compared to spending levels observed in 2019.

Source: Contralinea.net