Puerto Vallarta and McAllen ratify twinning agreement

Puerto Vallarta and McAllen ratify twinning agreement

In a ceremony held last Saturday in McAllen, Texas, led by their respective mayors, Luis Alberto Michel Rodrguez and Javier Villalobos, Puerto Vallarta and McAllen ratified their sister city partnership in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and promote tourism, cultural, and developmental exchanges.

The signing strengthens the friendship and close links that the two cities already shared before last year’s celebration in Puerto Vallarta.

“These are exciting times; the best bond for achieving world peace and everyone’s wellbeing is the brotherhood of women and men. In his message, Profe Michel said, “I am happy to greet my friend Javier Villalobos and his wife Annette, the commissioners from various districts, the officials of this wonderful city, as well as the consuls of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and the members of the McAllen-Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities Committee.

He continued by saying that the sister city agreement is an occasion for celebration and a noteworthy event that will go down in history as they commemorate the union of two magnificent cities.

“With this show of solidarity, we declare that we are always ready to strengthen our ties in business, investment, tourism, technology, and education, as well as, of course, the cultural roots that are strong in our communities and the camaraderie that sets us apart. We are creating a bright future for everyone by expanding doors of connection and opportunity as Sister Cities. Rest certain that you will always have friends in Puerto Vallarta who will greet you with open arms. Both towns will always be welcoming to collaboration, development, and prosperity, stressed Profe Michel.

Javier Villalobos said, “This signing formally establishes our friendship and ushers in an era of limitless prospects for our respective regions. Making alliances is where McAllen’s power rests. Our city is committed to international collaboration, which is why we have forged 21 Sister City ties with Puerto Vallarta. I appreciate Mayor Luis Alberto Michel greeting us when we started our deal last year. To strengthen this dedication to partnership, we are pleased to welcome him and his delegation today.

The Sister City committees of McAllen and Puerto Vallarta pledged to create various cooperation projects during the ceremony, which was held at the Centre for Performing Arts. “Becoming a Sister City is not a choice that is made quickly; we see the advantages of the alliance for both parties. We discover significant business and cultural prospects with Vallarta in this instance, but most significantly, we prioritize the chance to share best practices, said the mayor of Texas.

Officials and council members accompanied each mayor. Hugo Oliva, the Mexican consul in McAllen, and Christian Salvador Preciado Cázares, Puerto Vallarta’s head of tourism and economic development, signed the contract as witnesses of honour.

The director of tourism in Puerto Vallarta then said that he hoped that this collaboration will inspire Rio Grande Valley citizens to travel and experience the customs and culture of the city in Jalisco. “We want the people of McAllen to get a taste of our traditions, cuisine, and culture. Our breathtaking beaches, mountains, and sunsets provide the ideal setting for making priceless memories.

Source: Meridiano.mx