Puerto Vallarta: Booming cinematographic destination

Puerto Vallarta: Booming cinematographic destination

In Puerto Vallarta, tourism and entertainment come together in a scene full of opportunities. The city, boasting beautiful beaches and lush nature, has become a magnet for film and television producers, both local and foreign.

As the year 2024 begins, Puerto Vallarta shines once again with the presence of the cameras of “El señor de los cielos,” Telemundo’s successful series. Christian Salvador Preciado Cázares, Director of Tourism and Economic Development, highlights the positive impact of these filmings on the local economy, creating jobs and promoting the destination internationally.

The picturesque settings of Boca de Tomates are chosen as the location for this production, supported by the logistical support of the municipal government. This boost to the entertainment industry is part of a comprehensive strategy driven by the municipal administration and the Tourism Trust to establish Puerto Vallarta as a renowned filmmaking destination.

In addition to its natural charms, safety and hospitality are standout features that make Puerto Vallarta a chosen filming location. In a competitive world, the city emerges as an undisputed player on the global entertainment stage, captivating hearts and cameras alike with its unique combination of scenic beauty and exceptional hospitality.

Source: Quadratin.com.mx