Puerto Vallarta is once again out of the Top-Ten safest cities in Mexico: INEGI

Puerto Vallarta is once again out of the Top-Ten safest cities in Mexico: INEGI

Puerto Vallarta dropped out of the top ten safest cities in the nation and into the thirteenth spot over the past quarter, according to the National Survey on Urban Public Safety (ENSU), which measured residents’ perceptions of safety.

The ENSU for the second quarter of 2023 was held between May 26 and June 15, and Puerto Vallarta had placed ninth in the prior survey.

In a poll taken in March 2020, 31.8% of Puerto Vallarta residents said they felt insecure there. This percentage rose to 32.4% in the study conducted in September of that same year, and by December of that same year, it had reached 33.7%. The percentage increased to 35.5% in March 2021, and it further increased to 39.4% in the survey taken in June 2018, moving it up to the 13th spot. However, the percentage dropped to 31.5% in September, and by December, it had dropped to 26.6%. It was 26.4% in March of this year, but it increased to 41% in the June survey. It decreased to 28.8% in September and rose to 34.6% by December. It again dropped to 26.5% in the most recent survey, which was conducted in March, then it increased to 30.7% in the most current survey.

In 75 cities of interest, 62.3% of people who were 18 years of age and older thought it was risky to live there in June 2023. Compared to the percentage that was observed in March 2023 (62.1%), there was no statistically significant change in this percentage. It does, however, demonstrate a statistically significant shift from June 2022, which was 67.4%.

For each city, representative estimates have been created since 2016. Fresnillo (92.8%), Zacatecas (91.7%), Ciudad Obregón (90.3%), Ecatepec de Morelos (87.6%), Irapuato (87.3%), and Naucalpan de Juárez (87.2%) had the greatest percentages of residents ages 18 and older who felt insecure in their cities in June 2023.

San Pedro Garza Garca (13.2%), Benito Juárez (19.8%), Piedras Negras (20.0%), Cuajimalpa de Morelos (20.4%), Saltillo (22.2%), and Tampico (23%) were the cities with the lowest perceptions of insecurity. With 24.6% each, San Nicolás de los Garza, 25.2% for Los Cabos, 25.6% for Mérida, 26.8% for La Paz, 27.9% for Los Mochis, 30.3% for Tepic, and 30.7% for Puerto Vallarta followed them.

Ten cities and regions in this edition underwent statistically significant changes from March 2023: six showed increases and four showed decreases.

Source: Contralinea.net