Puerto Vallarta, one of the world’s top spring break destinations in the U.S.

Puerto Vallarta, one of the world’s top spring break destinations in the U.S.

In the spring season, Puerto Vallarta, along with Cancun and Los Cabos, stands out as one of the top international destinations for American travelers during spring break. According to a study by Allianz Partners, a leading company in travel assistance services, these Mexican destinations top the list of preferences for American tourists, analyzing over 3.4 million flight itineraries from the United States for this season.

It is projected that approximately 76% of American travelers will choose to stay within their own country, while the remaining 24% will opt for foreign destinations, such as Mexico. Additionally, these travelers are expected to spend an average of $4,681, representing a 7.9% increase compared to the previous year.

This rise in spending could have a positive impact on the local economy of the destinations, with Mexico being the only country with multiple cities on the list of most popular places.

Along with Cancun and Los Cabos, other prominent destinations include Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Nassau, Oranjestad, London, Providenciales, and Liberia. Furthermore, there is a growing interest among vacationers in securing themselves against potential eventualities that may affect their travel plans, which has driven up the demand for travel assistance and insurance.

Both American and Mexican tourists show great interest in traveling during these vacations, with the primary goal of relaxing, having fun, and enjoying the company of loved ones. Allianz Partners specialists recommend traveling with additional protection, such as travel assistance, to be prepared for any contingencies, such as lost luggage, accidents, or illnesses.

Source: Contralinea.net

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