Puerto Vallarta, present at global cultural and gastronomic festival in McAllen, Texas

Puerto Vallarta, present at global cultural and gastronomic festival in McAllen, Texas

On the first day of the interactive art and culture festival honouring the history of Mexico and Latin America, the delegation led by the mayor was a distinguished visitor.

At the MXLAN Festival’s opening night at the McAllen Convention Centre in Texas, Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodrguez said, “We can transcend borders and come together as a global community through music, dance, food, and cultural expressions.”

MXLAN is an interactive arts and cultural event that honours Latin American and Mexican history and the impact it has had on the Latino population in Texas. The Chamber of Commerce and the local government prepared the five-day schedule, which features a variety of exhibitions, musical performances, gastronomic festivals, parades, and other events.

Members of the Vallarta delegation, including Mayor Profe Michel and his wife Mara de Jess López Delgado, the presidents of the DIF System and the Puerto Vallarta-McAllen Sister Cities Committee, councillors Claudia Alejandra Iiguez Rivera and Pablo Ruperto Gómez Andrade, the cabinet coordinator Augusto Alcaraz Valencia, and the directors of tourism and economic development were among the honorees at this event.

Mayor Profe Michel got the chance to praise Puerto Vallarta and show his gratitude to the hosts, who included Mayor Javier Villalobos, during the opening ceremony and welcome supper.

Being a part of the MXLAN celebrations, where Latino and Mexican traditions are preserved and enhanced, is a wonderful experience. We dedicate ourselves to our job in Puerto Vallarta, a city that is friendly to all of you and where we find peace and tranquilly. The daily influx of investors is demonstrated by the demand for labour. This is because investors are certain they will get their money back because they know the town will persevere and its residents are decent, according to the mayor.

In order to increase the flow of tourists from the American market, he stated his hope that direct flights between the two cities would soon restart. During the ceremony, a movie highlighting Puerto Vallarta’s attractions was also shown.

Roel “Roy” Rodrguez, the city administrator, welcomed the Vallarta group on behalf of the city and stressed that Puerto Vallarta is unquestionably among the top tourist destinations in the world.

Source: Contralinea.net