Puerto Vallarta projects hotel occupancy of up to 90% in November.

Puerto Vallarta projects hotel occupancy of up to 90% in November.

In November, hotel occupancy in Puerto Vallarta is expected to reach between 85% and 90%, according to Christian Preciado Cázares, the Director of Tourism and Economic Development. This increase is due to the celebration of various events, including culinary, sports, and the Day of the Dead Festival.

Currently, Puerto Vallarta ranks sixth in terms of national hotel occupancy, reflecting its growing appeal to tourists.

Among the events scheduled for November are the Gourmet Festival, the Open Water Swimming event, the Day of the Dead Festival, the Los Muertos Fishing Tournament, and Marina Vallarta, among others. These events will significantly contribute to hotel occupancy in the region.

The Director of Tourism also pointed out that in recent weekends, some family-friendly all-inclusive hotels have achieved an impressive 95% occupancy. This demonstrates the ongoing demand from visitors to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Vallarta and its tourist offerings.

Furthermore, it was reported that the Central Bus Station of Puerto Vallarta recorded the arrival of a total of 34,381 tourists on long-distance buses during the month of September. It is expected that this figure will increase to approximately 45,000 in October. This indicates a steady increase in the influx of tourists to the region, further supporting the projection of high hotel occupancy in the coming months.

In summary, Puerto Vallarta is gearing up for a promising November in terms of hotel occupancy, thanks to a series of appealing events and activities that attract visitors from across the country. The continued popularity of Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination is evident in its high levels of hotel occupancy, especially in family-friendly all-inclusive hotels. Additionally, the increase in the arrival of tourists on long-distance buses supports the outlook for a steady flow of visitors in the coming months.

Source: Tribunadelabahia.com.mx