Puerto Vallarta will have more flights from AIFA

Puerto Vallarta will have more flights from AIFA

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport will expand its offering of air routes with the addition of new connections provided by Viva Aerobús, originating from the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA). Viva Aerobús has announced the opening of seven new domestic routes from the newly inaugurated capital airport, including destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Chetumal, Los Cabos, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Villahermosa, and Bogotá, Colombia. This initiative solidifies Viva Aerobús as the airline with the highest number of operations at AIFA, as indicated by the General Directorate of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport in an official statement. This boost significantly contributes to strengthening AIFA as an important center of strategic connectivity for Mexico City and its surroundings.

The opening of these new routes represents a significant milestone in the national aviation landscape, positioning AIFA as a key hub for air traffic in Mexico. The airport’s strategic geographic location, as well as its modern and efficient infrastructure, make it an ideal departure and arrival point for both domestic and international travelers. Additionally, this route expansion offers passengers greater connectivity options and facilitates access to popular destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, known for its natural beauty and tourist attractions.

The commitment of Viva Aerobús and other airlines to the development of AIFA demonstrates the growth potential and strategic importance of this new airport for the Mexican aviation sector. It is expected that these new routes will contribute to the economic and touristic boost of Puerto Vallarta and other regions, while providing passengers with quality service and a more convenient and accessible travel experience.

Source: Quadratin.com.mx

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