Puerto Vallarta Will Host 2024 National Games Sailing

Puerto Vallarta Will Host 2024 National Games Sailing

From May 23rd to 27th, Puerto Vallarta—our sun-kissed gem on Mexico’s Pacific coast—will be the epicenter of maritime magic!

Picture this: 180 young sailors from nine Mexican states, their sails billowing like proud seagulls, will compete in the National Games. Organized by the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), this event isn’t just about speed—it’s a symphony of strategy, endurance, and teamwork.

Our navigators will dance with the elements: gentle breezes, intense gusts, calm seas, and wild waves. They’ll adjust their course on the fly, harnessing the wind’s whims. And trust me, it’s not just about winning; camaraderie and sportsmanship are woven into every sail.

So, whether you’re watching from the shore or aboard another vessel, prepare for a spectacle! These sailboat competitions aren’t just thrilling for the participants—they’re a celebration of offshore beauty and adrenaline.

Anchors aweigh!

Source: Vallarta Today