Rains do not slow down sales or tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Rains do not slow down sales or tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Vendors have noticed that sales have remained stable or even increased slightly, as tourists continue to arrive in Puerto Vallarta, which has generated favorable income for hotels as well as for keychain and souvenir merchants.

In souvenir stores you can buy caps, floats and T-shirts with the phrase “they went to Puerto Vallarta and they only brought me this”.

“Sales are fine, they have ups and downs, now we are in the Mexican tourism season, and people come to spend, have fun in restaurants, buy souvenirs and do activities. Hurricanes do not arrive here, except for one many years ago, but all the rest are false alarms; they affect Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, but here we are protected by the mountains”, said Carlos Rueda, a merchant from Puerto Vallarta.

They hope that during the upcoming summer vacation season, foreign tourists will arrive in greater numbers, which will generate good sales and improve the economy.

“We hope that there will be a lot of tourism, many visits from people in order to increase sales and revitalize the economy of Puerto Vallarta. We hope that visitors and tourists will come to visit Puerto Vallarta and contribute to the economic growth of the city”, he added.

Although the World Health Organization declared the end of the sanitary emergency more than two months ago, the economy has experienced a slight increase according to the residents of this tourist destination, but it has not yet reached the levels prior to the confinement.

Source: Milenio.com