Reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect choice for your first trip of 2024

Reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect choice for your first trip of 2024

Mexico is home to a variety of amazing destinations capable of capturing the hearts of both locals and visitors, establishing itself as one of the preferred vacation spots, especially for its beaches and picturesque villages.

There’s no need to travel around the world to enjoy a turquoise sea, a pristine island, or a breathtaking whale show; all of this can be found on Mexican soil.

In 2024, Puerto Vallarta stands out as one of the ideal destinations to take a well-deserved break, recharge your energy, and pamper yourself for a few days. Thanks to its climate, landscapes, and diversity, this corner of Jalisco on the Pacific coast has gradually become a must-visit place, and here are 10 reasons to consider it.

Charming Climate With approximately 300 sunny days a year, even during the rainy and winter seasons, Puerto Vallarta boasts one of the most pleasant climates in Mexico. This feature, combined with its humidity level that creates a sensation of a constant light sauna, provides an ideal warm climate to naturally revitalize your skin.

Options for Every Budget Being one of the first tropical destinations to gain popularity both nationally and internationally, Puerto Vallarta has achieved a harmonious integration between tourism and local life. This allows you to find accommodations, meals, activities, and souvenirs at different price points, catering to any budget.

Humpback Whale Show From December to March, more than two thousand humpback whales visit Banderas Bay, offering a stunning spectacle that you should witness at least once in your life. Puerto Vallarta becomes the preferred destination for these whales migrating from the cold northern waters to give birth in the warmth of this environment, allowing you to observe the whales alongside their calves.

Exquisite Cuisine They say that love goes through the stomach, and in Puerto Vallarta, the cuisine is worth highlighting. From shrimp and fish skewers on the boardwalk to exclusive restaurants like La Capella, a high-end establishment with a view of the bell tower of the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This restaurant, with fine cuts and Italian influence, offers an experience reminiscent of colonial-era salons, especially charming during the night.

Virgin and Almost Virgin Beaches Puerto Vallarta offers beaches away from tourist and local areas, where you can intimately connect with nature in crystal-clear waters, enjoy a walk feeling the fine sand on your feet, and experience being in a movie like ‘The Blue Lagoon.’ A recommendation is Playa Caballo, a well-preserved gem only accessible by boat, surrounded by lush vegetation, providing the tranquility you seek and one of the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine.