Special athletes gathered in Puerto Vallarta

Special athletes gathered in Puerto Vallarta

Recently, the “National Sports Games for People with Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability and Autism” took place at the Agustin Flores Contreras Sports Unit in Puerto Vallarta, in which more than 600 athletes from different states of the country participated.

Puerto Vallarta’s adapted sports team was represented by nine athletes in the disciplines of athletics and swimming. The organizers of the event, in an interview with CPS Noticias and Tribuna de la Bahía, highlighted that Puerto Vallarta has high level sports facilities to carry out competitions for athletes with intellectual disabilities, including athletics, swimming and basketball.

The best special athletes of the country gathered in this important competition, and in the next few days the list of those selected to represent Mexico in other national and international sports competitions will be announced.

After some competitions, we had the opportunity to talk to several athletes who participated in this event, and they all agreed that Puerto Vallarta is a very pleasant place, with cheerful people and beautiful beaches. They expressed their joy for participating in this event.

Frab Monreal, from Sonora, competed in the shot put and discus, and was very satisfied with his participation. He also mentioned that he liked Vallarta very much and took the opportunity to send greetings to his brothers in the United States and all his family, whom he thanked for their support.

Cristhian, from Sinaloa, stood out in the shot put and discus throw. Excited, he sent greetings to the CPS Noticias cameras and thanked his teammates and friends for their support.

His compatriot Pablo shared his achievements, including several gold medals in track and field events.

Kevin Yahir, from Puebla, a participant in track and field, said that the competition was intense, but emphasized that he did his best to excel.

This event allowed us to prove that there are no limits when it comes to standing out, in this case in sports. No matter the physical condition, age or difficulties, everyone can do what they are passionate about.

Source: Tribunadelabahia.com.mx