The inaugural ‘Cruce Vallarta’ saw the participation of 300 individuals in an open water event.

The inaugural ‘Cruce Vallarta’ saw the participation of 300 individuals in an open water event.

Successfully meeting the challenge of promoting open water swimming, the first edition is well on its way to establishing itself as a premier sports event. On Saturday, November 18, nearly 300 athletes engaged in this aquatic activity at the tourist destination.

Organized with the backing of the municipal government led by Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, the event received support from Christian Preciado Cázares, the Director of Tourism and Economic Development. Prior to the commencement at Holi Beach, he extended a welcome to the participants, emphasizing the positive impact of such activities on the economic development of the port. He highlighted their ability to attract a significant number of individuals who actively participate in and enjoy the sport.

Accompanied by Alberto Solís Robles, the director of ‘Cruce Vallarta,’ and Daniel López from the Municipal Sports Council (Comude), the official underscored their ongoing support for the event since its presentation to the authorities. The decision to endorse it was influenced by the local residents’ support. Puerto Vallarta hosts various tourist, cultural, and sports activities, including the growing ‘Cruce Vallarta,’ which they anticipate will gain international recognition.

The event featured two routes: a 3,100-meter course from Holi Beach to the beginning of the boardwalk and a 1.5-kilometer route from the start of the boardwalk, looping at the Naval Museum, and returning to the starting point.

In the 3.1-kilometer course, swimmers took a direct route marked by buoys rather than following the coastline. Ample water safety measures were in place, supported by the Civil Protection and Fire Department and the XII Naval Zone. The course included mixed waves, each with its own safeguards.

The 3.1-kilometer route included a category with fins, and participants, ranging from 15 to 70 and older in both male and female categories, all received a medal.