The Largest Catrina in the World Will Return to Puerto Vallarta

The Largest Catrina in the World Will Return to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is gearing up for the festivities of the Day of the Dead, featuring the showcasing of the Largest Catrina in the World, a record maintained by this popular tourist destination since the previous year, attracting international attention.

According to Christian Preciado Cázares, the Director of Municipal Tourism, they will unveil the very Catrina that secured the Guinness World Record. However, this Catrina will sport a fresh and exquisite outfit, maintaining its distinctive essence. Preciado Cázares also underlined that the recognition is already established, redirecting their efforts towards adorning the boardwalk in accordance with the event.

The town hall has exciting plans, encompassing contests and Day of the Dead altars throughout the vicinity. A parade involving over 15 registered companies is set to kick off from the 5 de Diciembre cemetery, journeying through San Salvador Street, passing by the Ley store, and culminating at Lázaro Cárdenas Street.

With a belief that death is an integral part of their culture, they have extended invitations to all enterprises and educational institutions to partake in the celebration, as articulated by Preciado Cázares.

Moreover, Preciado Cázares conveyed the plans for a “maleconeada” event featuring the “charros” or Mexican horsemen, elegantly attired to align with the occasion. He expressed that while Halloween’s influence is notable, they hold a firm commitment to their authentic culture, heritage, and customs. Consequently, the “maleconeada” on November 30th will see the charros donning their distinctive attire and mounted on horses, actively fostering their cultural legacy.

Anticipating the presentation of monumental Catrinas, the Director of Tourism revealed that over 25 hotels have already registered to partake in this cherished tradition.