The taco tour is in Puerto Vallarta

The taco tour is in Puerto Vallarta

This tour, provided by Vallarta Food Tours, a company known for its high-quality tourist excursions, focuses on exploring the rich local gastronomic and mixology offerings, both during the day and at night. The promise is to immerse oneself in the local culture in just three hours, with expert guides showcasing the everyday life, culture, and architecture of the old town and downtown Puerto Vallarta. Participants walk, absorb history, and enjoy tastings at various locations.

Guides lead participants to restaurants and street food stalls with authentic local traditions, some of which started as small stalls and became iconic spots known for their excellent dishes.

During the tour, a visit to a local factory is also included to learn about the production of tortillas for tacos, from the cooking and resting of corn to grinding, kneading, and the process in tortilla-making machines.

Exploring the streets of Puerto Vallarta, participants pass through the city center and stop at stalls displaying local crafts and art.

This experience has a cost starting at $55 for adults and $44 for children under 13. In addition to trying six different dishes, participants can enjoy refreshing beverages at a local establishment with over 34 years of history.

Tequila is also an essential part of the tour, with the opportunity to taste the variety known as the “bandera,” consisting of three glasses: one with lime (green), one with liquor (white), and the last with sangrita (red), representing the Mexican flag.

Desserts are not overlooked. During the tour, a visit to a local ice cream shop is included, offering popsicles made with water or milk to cool off from the heat.

During the tour, participants can savor El Cuñado’s campechano tacos, also known as mixed tacos, birria tacos, a delicious stuffed jalapeño at Mariscos Cisneros, and a tasty taco from Carnitas La Santa Cruz, known for its unique way of cooking pork for seven hours in a copper pot.

You’ll also have the opportunity to taste a rich ceviche and even mole! Don’t miss the chance to take this tour and enjoy all the culinary delights it offers.