The Tile Park: An oasis of art and color in Puerto Vallarta.

The Tile Park: An oasis of art and color in Puerto Vallarta.

The Tile Park has turned Puerto Vallarta’s Lazaro Cardenas Plaza into an authentic oasis of art and color in the Romantic Zone. Natasha Moraga, a talented 37 year old artist with Mexican and American nationalities, is the creative mind behind this innovative project. By transforming the benches and pillars into mosaic masterpieces, she has managed to beautify the environment and leave her artistic mark on the community.
The history of the Lázaro Cárdenas Plaza is rich and varied. In the past, it housed the first airstrip, a baseball field and the Casa Agraria. In 1970 the plaza was built, then remodeled in 1989 and transformed in 2005 with the addition of a subway parking garage.

“The Tile Park” is not just a simple collection of artistic pieces, but is loaded with symbolism and meaning. Every detail of the park has been carefully designed to reflect sacred geometry and the balance between yin and yang, masculine and feminine. The kiosk’s pillars represent the four directions of pre-Hispanic cosmogony: water, fire, earth and air. In addition, the park’s 66 benches, each with a unique design, are connected by colored transition areas, creating a harmonious union between them. Two hummingbirds, one white and one black, symbolize internal and external freedom at the ends of the park. All concrete modeling work is done by the talented sculptor Oscar Ricardo.

This artistic project has also been a community and solidarity effort for Puerto Vallarta. Natasha Moraga gives monthly workshops and her apprentices are in charge of decorating the planters and columns in the park. Once the apprentices have mastered the technique, they volunteer and collaborate in the ongoing tasks. Some of them have been actively participating for years, devoting a great deal of time to the project. In addition, the work on the benches has been made possible by generous sponsors, both individuals and local businesses, who have donated to beautify the city.
“El Parque de los Azulejos” is not only an artistic exhibit, but a gift to the senses and a space that unites the community around beauty and creativity. Residents and visitors to Puerto Vallarta can enjoy a stroll through this unique park, marveling at the details of each work and feeling the energy and meaning that transcend beyond the surfaces. The transformation of Lazaro Cardenas Plaza is a testament to the power of art to change and improve our lives. Thanks to visionary artists like Natasha Moraga and the support of the community, Puerto Vallarta becomes an even more attractive destination, where art and culture merge with nature.

En resumen, “El Parque de los Azulejos” ha dado una nueva vida a la plaza Lázaro Cárdenas en la Zona Romántica de Puerto Vallarta. Con su simbolismo y enfoque comunitario, este proyecto artístico demuestra el impacto positivo que el arte puede tener al transformar espacios públicos y crear un sentido de pertenencia. Es un recordatorio poderoso de cómo el arte puede catalizar el cambio social y servir como fuente de inspiración para las generaciones futuras.