Vallarta Aztec Festival of International Folklore 2024

Vallarta Aztec Festival of International Folklore 2024

The Vallarta Azteca Festival (FESTVA), recognized as Mexico’s most prominent folk event, returns once again to delight audiences with a vibrant showcase of cultural diversity through dance. From April 28th to May 5th, this festival will fill the streets and squares of Puerto Vallarta with the colorful energy of folk dance groups from different regions of Mexico, as well as from Central and South America and Europe.

With its eighteenth edition, FESTVA promises to offer an unforgettable experience for attendees. Although the full details of the schedule and participating groups have not yet been announced, it is expected that the program will include a wide variety of performances reflecting the richness and tradition of folk dance.

In addition to performances in iconic venues such as Los Arcos del Malecón and Teatro Vallarta, the festival extends beyond the borders of Puerto Vallarta, bringing the celebration to other municipalities in the region and even neighboring states. This geographical expansion further disseminates the beauty and authenticity of folk dance, strengthening cultural ties among diverse communities.

FESTVA strategically coincides with the beginning of the anniversary celebrations of Puerto Vallarta, adding an additional reason to celebrate and enjoy local and global culture. With a week full of exciting activities, the festival invites everyone to immerse themselves in the magic of folklore and experience the passion and talent of the participating artists.

To stay updated on the schedule of activities and for more information about the festival, you can visit the Facebook page of the International Folklore Festival Vallarta Azteca.


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