Vallarta Will Have Its Local Master Chefs

Vallarta Will Have Its Local Master Chefs

Chefs from Vallarta will compete in Emiliano Zapata Market.

The first Gourmet Fest ‘Flavour in Competition’ was held with the intention of recognizing culinary innovation and showcasing regional goods from the Emiliano Zapata market.

The Market Coordination delivered the speech in association with the Directorate of Tourism and Economic Development.

Cecilio López Fernández, the Market Coordinator, provided information about the Gourmet Fest’s “Flavour in Competition,” saying, “To know a town, get to know its markets.”

A campaign to save municipal markets has been launched under the current administration, but this time, an event was organized with the goal of honouring culinary innovation and highlighting regional goods.

The tournament will feature chefs from various restaurants in the city and will take place on August 4 at the Emiliano Zapata market. They will be required to only use ingredients from the market to create their meals.

Chef Salvador Carrillo hailed the historic occasion at a press conference, saying it preserved the spirit of traditional cuisine while elevating it to the standard of culinary excellence required in this popular tourist destination.

At least five local chefs are anticipated to take part, preparing meals in front of customers at the market.